40x100x16 WIDE SPAN BUILDING (Pictured Below)

These can be used as large Ag buildings or huge warehouse storage options for all your toys. This wide span building measures 40x100x16, (4,000 sq ft)  and has all the cool options you could want.  There are skylights that run on both sides of the roof giving this building all the natural lighting you cold need. Then there are the dual 12×12 roll-up doors which would accommodate all kinds of vehicles or equipment to be stored inside. We offer a wide array of roll-up doors ranging from 7′ to 16′ tall, which would allow for anything you could possibly own to be kept indoors. This building delivered, installed, on your slab would be just under $70,000. This includes all equipment fees and the cost of  specific engineering plans and calcs you may need for the permitting process.





40x60x12 WIDE SPAN BUILDING (pictured below)

This is a 40′ wide x 60′ long x 12′ eve height building and this customer wanted a single 10×10 roll-up, (3)36″x80″ walk-in door and (3) 30″x30″ windows. This building completely delivered and installed comes to just under $40,000. That is with the cost of equipment and the Engineer Certified Specific Plans + Calcs.




We can build these in every variation you can think of, whether you needs a fully enclosed shop or just a large cover arena style. The sky is the limit with our wide span buildings. Give us a call with some dimensions or ideas and we will come up with a design to fit your needs and budget.